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Advancing 21 st Century Policing: The Arlington Police Department Report to the Community PILLAR 4: COMMUNITY POLICING & CRIME REDUCTION The public safety philosophy of the Arlington Police Department is deeply rooted in community policing. Law enforcement and the community work in partnership to address crime and safety. The department’s geographical policing model allows officers to invest in the areas where they work. Police officers are in the community every day, protecting, serving and earning the community’s trust. PILLAR 4 Examples of community policing and crime reduction: Safety awareness and education The Citizens Police Academy is a free community education program offered to help residents increase safety awareness. Training and education includes classroom and interactive hands-on instruction on a wide variety of topics. Participants learn about the many aspects of policing, including criminal investigations, defensive tactics and how the department is trained to respond to issues involving critical incidents and use of force. Arlington offers a Hispanic Citizens Police Academy conducted in Spanish and a High School Citizens Police Academy for students. Graduates join alumni associations and continue their support for local law enforcement as police volunteers. Crime reduction involves everyone In this program, residents are empowered to actively get involved in helping to reduce crime without getting out of the car. Members are trained how to watch for identify suspicious activity. The department also maintains a fleet of energy-efficient vehicles for its volunteers. The mission of the Citizens On Patrol program is to help reduce crime through teamwork and cooperation with the Arlington Police Department. APD recently expanded this program and has launched a Dog Walker Watch Program. Training is currently under way. Graduates of the Arlington Hispanic Citizen Police Academy. APD offers a two-day Citizen Police Academy. Partnerships with clergy leaders Also known as ACAPP, the Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership is a coalition of clergy leaders from many faiths and denominations. Members offer support to the community and the police department during times of crisis. Their mission is to achieve a safer community through prayer, community involvement and the sharing of public safety information within their places of worship. Residents are trained to patrol their neighborhood. 10