The Advancing 21st Century Policing Community Report 2017 The Advancing 21st Century Policing Community Repo | Page 8

Advancing 21 st Century Policing: The Arlington Police Department Report to the Community PILLAR 3: TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA In Arlington law enforcement, technology is everything from in-car and body-worn cameras to unmanned aircraft, shared web-based networks, social media and everything between. How we use technology builds trust and accountability. With social media and technology together, we’re able to enhance communication with the community we serve. Social media is also used to prevent and solve crime. PILLAR 3 Examples of technology and social media: Mobile digital video recording equipment The Arlington Police Department has been using digital video recording equipment inside vehicles for many years. Using this technology, the department is able to help ensure the overall safety of officers, resolve issues involving false claims, and help to verify victim and citizen encounters. Small unmanned aircraft In 2009, the Arlington Police deployed its first unmanned aircraft for research and observation. This technology is capable of traveling into dense areas and places where traffic accessibility is limited or determined unsafe for officers and the public. Similar to the police helicopter, this technology provides officers with “eyes in the sky.” APD is currently expanding its fleet of unmanned aircraft and has 13 licensed officer pilots who can deploy this technology at any time day or night when the authorization for its deployment is granted. Computer forensics laboratory The APD Computer Forensics Lab was formed in April 2009 between the City of Dallas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Officers perform detailed forensic investigations for internet, digital data and video crimes. Investigative teams are able to forensically examine seized computers, mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices in criminal cases. Their work also includes research into social media platforms for criminal investigations. Digital video recording system in patrol cars. The new, smaller unmanned aircraft. Vehicle Burglary Reduction Program The bait car is a crime reduction program started in 2006 to address an increase in vehicle burglaries across the city. Bait cars are equipped with the latest technology such as sensors, online GPS mapping, audio and live-streaming video. 8 Cameras are mounted in the uniform so that officers focus more on community policing, less on technology.