Steel Plus Network Connections Issue 2 | Page 23

you need and you know the right people , no situation is too complex to be solved .
The companies working under the Camnor Steel umbrella are different from each other and maintain their unique identities as separate business entities . Even so , they all fall under the same ownership . Many of those companies , even before joining Camnor , were working with Steel Plus in one way or another . Quirion Metal was founded in 1972 and joined Steel Plus almost right at the beginning . Trimax Steel , likewise , was a member of Steel Plus before it was acquired .
Steel Plus goes beyond the role of a simple networking group , however . It forges bonds of friendship among owners and ownership groups . Over time , it becomes obvious that it is the one ( or the only ) place where competitors can get together and just be friendly with each other on a social basis with no stakes .
For more information about Camnor Steel Group , visit them online at GroupeCamnor . com or call David Drouin at 418 774-9881 * 238 or via David . Drouin @ groupecamnor . com . +
Benoit Drouin ( President )
Jacques Labbé ( VP Operation )
David Drouin ( VP Sales )
Jean-René Drouin ( VP Installation )
6 partner companies specialized in steel structural work ( engineering , design , fabrication , and installation )
Impressive production capacity ( 30,000 tons annually )
A highly skilled workforce ( more than 300 experts )
Long-lasting relationships founded on trust and respect
Safety in all we do