Steel Plus Network Connections Issue 2 | Page 24


Struggling to accommodate rising volume , a Canadian steel fabricator aims to streamline operations with an entirely new take on material movement in the yard . With more space , less handling , and safer operators , the company is ready to build on its success .
s Canam Group celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020 , managers were also contending with unprecedented growth . Yard congestion in the company ’ s facility in Saint-Gédéon-de- Beauce , Québec , had become too severe to ensure productivity and safety . After selecting a new Combilift C35000 , the company expects significantly improved worker safety and increased operational efficiency .
Founded in 1960 , Canam Group specializes in designing and fabricating steel components for buildings and infrastructure projects in the North American construction industry . To date , the company has participated in the construction of more than 350,000 buildings . It now employs more than 3,220 people at 12 plants in Canada and the United States as well as engineering offices in Canada , Romania , India , and the Philippines .
Guillaume Légaré , plant superintendent at the Saint-Gédéon-de-Beauce facility , has overseen large increases in business volume and recognized the need to streamline operations . The yard was filled to the brim with long and heavy loads , and the tight quarters presented unacceptable safety risks . Forklift operators needed to work at height to load trailers , and the long loads required very careful maneuvering .
Like most good companies , Canam takes great pride in providing flexible solutions , responsiveness , and on-time delivery of reliable and high-quality products and services . But for Canam , customer satisfaction is not just a goal , it ’ s an imperative .
“ Product quality , job site management , and timelines are critical factors in the execution of construction projects ,” Légaré said . “ We also have a commitment and take action to provide a safe , clean , and orderly work environment with the latest equipment and technology .”
The new Combilift is designed to improve workflows by effectively serving as three forklifts in one : a sideloader , a counterbalance , and a narrow-aisle forklift . At Canam ’ s facility , the multipurpose and multidirectional C35000 is expected to improve efficiency and safety in several ways . Firstly , the Combilift ’ s increased lifting capacity of 35,000 pounds will allow operators to load trailers in fewer moves . It will also enable preloading and staging of materials in the yard , which will require fewer yard trailers and less product handling .
The C35000 has the ability to quickly change the direction of its wheels , and its four-way movement gives it the versatility to transport long loads through narrow doorways and around objects . Equipped with a wide spreader bar , the C35000 securely handles very long and semiflexible loads , improving productivity while minimizing product damage . Best of all , it will almost eliminate the need for Canam ’ s operators to work at height when loading trailers .
Légaré is excited to use Combilift ’ s capabilities to unlock productivity and business growth . “ We ’ ll reduce congestion in the yard ,” he said , “ and increase overall operational efficiency .” +
Canam would also like to thank the Chariots GCS Team and especially Normand Desautels for his expertise and recommendations . They look forward to future partnership and collaboration .
Aerial image Photo credit : Canam Group Inc . SC image : Photo credit : Combilift .