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The current Thursday evening cattery shift came together in the new adoption center when Jenna Smoot and Brittany Adams were joined by new volunteer Olivia Morrow and Claire and Joshua Kovar from the Friday shift . Olivia is amazed that it has only been a year since transitioning into the new center and says “ volunteering through the pandemic and renovation sure was interesting !”

Claire and her son Joshua are the “ old timers ” on this shift . They started volunteering in the kennel back in 2008 . They switched to the cattery and began fostering kittens . Claire says that the best part of volunteering in the cattery is that they get to visit with their foster kittens once they come back to the center for adoption .
Jenna also fosters kittens in addition to volunteering in the cattery . She started volunteering after moving to Illinois in 2016 . Jenna was looking for an opportunity to “ get some weekly animal cuddles to make up for the ones I was missing at home .”
Even though Brittany considers herself “ 100 % a dog person ,” she started out volunteering in 2019 with the WSHS cats . After several months , she also picked up a kennel shift . She now considers herself a 50 / 50 pet lover and says that her time here at WSHS is more about the animals giving their time to her instead of Brittany giving her time to the animals .

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Volunteer Spotlight

In addition to volunteering , these shift mates have a wide variety of other interests , from music and line dancing to hiking and kayaking to crocheting and baking . And of course , they surround themselves with animals at home too .
In addition to their foster kittens , Joshua and Claire have two pets in their family , WSHS alum Snoball ( 14 years old ) and a dog named Mandy ( 16 years old ).
Olivia joined the group right before the pandemic shutdown and our move into the new adoption center . She enjoys meeting new people and engaging with animals so WSHS was the perfect fit for her !
For being together for only a year , this shift works extremely well together . Olivia says , when cleaning , “ we mostly divide and conquer the different areas and cover each other where needed . However , we often wander and mingle around the entire area , especially the kitten room .” Jenna appreciates the team and knows that , with a little help from the volunteers , “ these amazing animals are finding their forever homes and giving the love we all gave to them back to their new families !”
Olivia is mom to a black cat named Poe and Brittany has a pitbull named Meredith . Brittany recently adopted Cheddar Cheeks from the cattery . They are such great friends that Meredith is confused on why Cheddar doesn ’ t join her on her walks outside . Jenna ’ s house is usually full of foster kittens . After caring for 50 fosters , she believes , “ there ’ s always room in your heart to love another animal !”
Without a doubt , WSHS benefits from the love these Thursday evening volunteers bring to the cattery !