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Choosing the Best Training Option : Classes In-Home , or Boarding and Training ?

There are many different training options available to you as a dog owner . The three most popular are Group Classes , Private In-Home training and the last is boarding your dog and having them trained , sometimes referred to as a Boot Camp or Board and Train . Picking a training route for your dog should be based on four variables – your budget , your goals , your schedule , and what is best for your dog . In this article we will explore the different options , the costs , and the advantages / disadvantages of each option .

Obedience Classes Classes are a great way to either fully train your dog or advance some obedience skills that your dog already has . For young dogs , class is a great option to work on socialization as your pup will be around new dogs , people and places . Obedience classes are generally the least expensive dog training option . The cost of the trainer ’ s time is spread out over multiple clients . This also leads us to some of the drawbacks of classes . In class settings the trainer ’ s time is divided amongst all the clients and their dogs , if your dog needs special attention or you are struggling it might be hard to get the advice you need . Another drawback of group classes is scheduling . Group classes are usually set at the same time each week at a specific location and are not flexible . If you have a busy schedule it might be difficult to get to the class and you might miss out on important training advice .
Dog Boot Camp / Board and Train Dog boot camp is generally the most expensive dog training option . This is mainly because you are paying for the care of your dog or a boarding fee in addition to paying for training . A board and train is best for owners that are extremely busy or happen to be going on a trip and will need to board their dog anyway . This will help defer some of the costs as you would have needed to pay for boarding . During a board and train most trainers will teach your dog all of your obedience commands and work on other things that you request , this makes it great for just about any dog . You should know that most trainers / kennels have a minimum age for taking dogs , so plan accordingly if you have a young pup . A board and

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train will also help with socialization as your dog will be around other dogs and people in a very public setting . Board and Trains differ in terms of length and it is important to talk with your trainer about what is reasonable to accomplish given the length of your program . The largest drawback to a board and train is that you are not present for the training . To ensure the training that has been done is transferred over to you , make sure that your board and train comes with follow up from the trainer .
Private In-Home Lessons Private lessons that take place in your home are a great option to get you involved in the training , keep costs moderate , and have the one-on-one attention you require . Private lessons cost more than classes , but significantly less than a board and train program . One lesson usually costs less than a six week group class and you get the sole attention of your dog trainer . Private lessons allow the trainer to give you direct guidance for your dog in the place that you want them trained ; your home . The largest drawback of private lessons involves a lack of socialization as a direct part of the training . To ensure proper socialization ensure you work with your trainer to develop a plan to get your dog around as many dogs , places and people as possible .
As you can see , each training option has it ’ s advantages and disadvantages . While making the choice might seem difficult , know that any training that you do will be beneficial for your pup ! The ideal solution for you might even be combining multiple options .
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