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Skye Female | 8 years old | Grey Tabby with White
Remy Male | 7 years old | Pointer Mix

Stray Thoughts Spring 2021

Ready for a Home

Skye Female | 8 years old | Grey Tabby with White

Hi there ! My name is Skye . I came to WSHS with my two house mates Lennie and Meera . I am a sweet girl looking for my forever home . I am an older girl so I know what I like ! I love sunlight , comfy beds , and a person to snuggle up to for some good naps .
I am a typical cat , and will seek out love and attention when I want it . Who doesn ’ t want their alone time every now and again ?
I could definitely live with other house mates again , or on my own . A quiet home would be best for me . I think a lot of noise would just stress me out a little too much .
If you think you could have the right home for me then make an appointment to meet me today ! I know I ’ ll love meeting you as much as you will me !

Remy Male | 7 years old | Pointer Mix

Hi , I ’ m Remy and I might be the happiest dog ever ! I ’ m always smiling , and I ’ ve got a bounce in my step . When we meet , we ’ re going to be instant friends ! I give all my friends smooches , and all my friends give me belly rubs , so I hope you ’ re O . K . with that .
You ’ re not going to believe this , but I ’ m seven years old . I ’ m still a puppy at heart , and I love to play with all the toys . I ’ m also very smart , so give me your hardest puzzle toy and I ’ ll figure it out in no time ! After we ’ re done playing , I ’ m ready for some couch cuddles with you while we watch some television . I ’ m an excellent snuggler .
Like I said , I ’ m a smarty pants , and I know my basic obedience commands already . I can sit , stay , and shake with the best of them . When I was training , I was an A + student . I ’ m also house-trained ! I ’ m the whole package !
My new home should have lots of places for us to cuddle , but it shouldn ’ t have cats . They ’ re so fun to chase , I would never leave them alone . If my new home has kids , they should be 14 years or older , because even though I ’ m an A + student in obedience , I missed the lesson on sharing with others . While I must be the only pet in my home , I can play with other dogs as long as their play style matches mine . If you ’ ve been looking for a fun smarty pants to join your household , you ’ ve found him ! Make an appointment to meet me today !