Spring 2021 Newsletter_Digital | Page 7

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Hearty Thanks !

Brenda , the owner of Affordable Antiques & More , made and sold dozens of Santa Star ornaments and donated the proceeds of $ 260 to the shelter .
Brody Holman of Scout Troop 510 in Naperville made more than 20 blankets and donated them to the shelter to get his Citizenship and Community Merit Badge .
Cub Scout pack 117 from Western Springs made dog toys and donated them to the shelter . Pictures are Faye and Gimli enjoying their donation !
Sadie and Anne of Downers Grove donated $ 31 from holding a lemonade stand and bake sale .
Comfort for Critters donated many handmade blankets to make the animals more comfortable during their stay at our adoption center .
Fairmont Elementary School did a food and supply drive for the shelter .
St . Mary of Gostyn School gave their students $ 25 to donate to a charitable cause as part of a school project . Catherine of Downers Grove donated the money to the shelter . Gigi of Downers Grove used the money to make snuffle mats for the dogs to enjoy .
Cub Scout Pack 117 Fairmont Elementary Catherine

Emails and Letters from Adopters

Just a quick update on Daphne ( now named Lexi ). She is integrating wonderfully into our home . After 3 days of a slow introduction to our other cat , Winston , they both are getting used to each other very well . They have actually taken turns chasing each other throughout the house . In the evening Lexi loves alone time on the couch with my wife and me . She loves talking and getting head and butt scratches . What a sweet girl ! It ’ s wonderful to see her personality flourish . She ’ s absolutely perfect for our family ! Thanks again for all of your great foster work .
Dave & Mary
Ella is doing so well ! She ’ s still a bit scared of sudden movements but will happily sleep on the bed or couch with us . She has the cutest little meow when she wants something !
We ’ re very happy with Abagail and Shadow . They seem very happy with us , and my son feels safe with them around . We ’ ve always had furry members as part of our family but having two dogs at once is new . It wasn ’ t what we wanted , but now we ’ ll never go back . Even our cat is warming up to them . Every day with them is better than the day before . Yesterday , my oldest son thanked me for bringing them home . I guess he thought all the barky , needy , medical issuey , eye droppy , anxiety stuff would be a deal breaker . These aren ’ t glitches but features . So no take backs , we ’ re keeping them !
Thanks for finding Rogue the perfect match for us on our first adoption journey !
Joshua & Cecelia