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New Teacher News By: Amanda McClain Mrs. Rebecca Vega grew up in Columbus and lived in Silver Creek, Ne until she was 24. After graduating high school Mrs. Vega Went to College at SUNY Oneonta where she received her bachelor's degree. She also as an Associate’s in Liberal Arts and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. After Graduating College Vega taught in four other schools. Vega taught K-2 Special Education at Rigge Mills, 2nd grade at Fort Stanwix, 5th grade Math, Science, and Writing at Staley, and lastly she subbed for maternity leave teachers at C.L. Jones. Vega says that her inspiration to becoming a teacher was from her son’s kindergarten teacher Connie Froschauer. When her son Jonathan was in Kindergarten parents were invited to spend time and help in the classroom and Vega loved every minute of it. Vega started substituting in Litchfield in August of 2014 where she was also subbing in four other schools. When she started working in Litchfield Vega loved that all the students were willing to learn her name and she could learn theirs as well. Vega said, “I had the big school experience when I was living in Rome, New York with a 5-6 grade class of 800 and just 135 teachers.” Vega also mentioned, “A small school gives teachers so many more opportunities to get to know their students and to influence them to become lifelong learners.” Rebecca Vega is married to Mike Vega with two sons, Miguel 25 and Jonathan who is 21. Some hobbies of Vega’s is that she loves to translate songs into American Sign Language, crochet, read, and she excited about her new passion for coloring. A favorite quote for Vega is “He that loves reading has everything within his reach.” William Goodwin. SPORTS BRIEF By: Joseph Ptacnik The Ansley-Litchfield Spartan Sports teams are working hard this fall. Volleyball has had very tough games and got third at the Ansley Tournament. “I think everyone is working hard and the team is really coming together,” says Tyren Howard, volleyball player. Their current record is 10-7. Cross Country is doing very well. They are improving week by week and their meet times are improving. I’m in Cross Country and I believe Cross Country make you question why you went out for it, until you look back at where you were and where you are now and it’s very rewarding. Football records are listed below: 08/26/16 Anselmo-Merna D2 1-3 3 W 46-44 40 09/02/16 @ Stapleton D2 1-3 3 W 52-20 40 09/09/16 Loomis D2 3-0 1 L 44-50 38 09/16/16 @ Sandhills/Thedford D2 2-2 2 L 0-64 33 Joseph Ptacnik, Cross Country Photo by: Kathy Scott 5