Small Town Times september - Page 10

August Superintendent Report Litchfield Public Schools August 20, 2018 1 st Reading for School Food Procurement Policy Change required by NDE -Policy 802.07 School Food Procurement Changes on first page and bulleted items. Raising the amount to $250,000 from $150,000 as to which procurement procedure we will follow. Then under Micro-Purchase Procedures, the guidelines raised from $3,500 to $10,000 that you follow. 2nd Readings & Policy Changes Recommended by the NASB Attached are policy changes due to recent NDE and legislative changes. They are as follows:  Policy 402.09 Recognition for Service of Employees –goes from $25 to $50 for recognition dinners  Policy 503.08 Married Student Policy -- needed for non-discrimination rules  Policy 603.01 Curriculum Development—revised NDE Science Standards and timelines  Policy 1005.12 Title 1 Parent & Family Member Engagement – Changes with ESSA specifi- cally for Title 1. Review of our Student/Staff Memorial Policy We reviewed and discussed the Student/staff memorial policy last month. Weight Room Update  Cameras and keyless door entry system has been installed.  We will need to discuss what price that we want to set for public to get card and allowed to come into. Matt and I have started to ask around for other schools prices and times it would be open.  I’ve talked to Curtis Cole about sensor light system & installing LED lights. Building & Grounds  Sidewalk – Completed before school got started. Have discussed with Mark to fill in the sides with dirt. May need railings on the south side.  Parking Lots- thank you to Bill Howard for leveling and spreading new crushed concrete on all the gravel parking lots. May want to look at putting another top layer of rock later.  We will be having State Glass replace the two locker room exit doors on the west. Plus, they will be re- placing the locking mechanism for the front door on the blue building.  Road-Jay Bleier from Olsson Associates has come and looked over the street. I have included his agree- ment proposal for services. Looking for the boards input and direction going forward. State Education Conference I have put in your packets the pamphlet for NASB’s State Education Conference in Omaha in November. Registration has to be done in September. Let me know if you wish to attend at the September meeting. Dates to Remember August 28 th Sept 17 th 7:30 Board Budget Workshop 7:00 Budget and Tax Hearing 7:30 September Board Meeting & Budget Approval