Small Town Times nov publication - Page 7

Staff Meet the Newsletter Staff Have you ever wondered what goes into producing the newsletter? It is a team effort with several people hav- ing dual roles to get everything done to make an effective newsletter. Here is what the staff has to say about what they like best about this class and producing the newsletter each month. RILEE HOWARD (Researcher) In charge of “did you know?” and researching topics, past and present, in our school that would be of interest to our readers. Rilee also updates the Spartan Activity calendar each month. Siarah Willenberg (Co-editor) Makes sure that no information is left out and that all the information is correct in content, grammar, spelling, and layout. Siarah says “I like putting together the newsletter because it opens my eyes to new information first hand”. “I also chose to be the Co-editor because it gives me a chance to combine my opinion with the person who wrote the article”. That's what makes Co-editing so great! Marrisa Zentz (Communication Coordinator) In charge of student poll and classroom happenings. Marrisa also collects articles from school officials. Marri- sa gets the fun job of deciding what topic to survey the students and staff on each month. Marrisa says “I love picking the topic for survey of the month for students and staff because of the different responses I get back. I chose communication coordinator because of the fact that I get to chat with people in School...though I end up doing that anyway. Kiera Fulmer (Reporter) Kiera gathers information to write the articles for the newsletter. Her job also entails interviewing staff about topics for the articles and then re-writing the information for an article. Kiera says, “I like going out and interviewing the people. Also getting the chance to interact with a bunch of different people from our school is a good part of being on the newsletter team.” Mrs. Finley (Editor-in-Chief) Finalizes the articles and layout and prints out the newsletter for the team to put together. Mrs. Finley stated that the newsletter is so easy to put together because of the great bunch of kids that help her. “The kids are so conscientious about doing a good job and continually absorb the knowledge of how to be better writers and editors of the material for newsletters.” The amount of turkeys cooked each year for Thanks- giving dinners? When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated? When did Thanksgiving become a nationally recog- nized Holiday? 46 million, 1621, 1821