Small Town Times May Newsletter - Page 4

Small Town Times Art Club Takes a Field Trip May 2018 By: Marrisa Zentz Mrs. Varah, art teacher at Litchfield high school, planned a field trip for high school students along with chaperone Mrs. Saw- yer. The group traveled to Lincoln on Wednesday, March 28, to Lincoln. The stu- dents left from school grounds bright and early at 6:30 a.m. and had returned from Lin- coln at 9 p.m. When Mrs. Varah was asked places that they had visited in Lincoln, she had said a few which were, Constellation Studios, Noyes Local Gallery which is run by Julia Noyes, Sheldon Museum of Art, and T.M.C.O., which is a metal fabrication factory that also makes a lot of metal art pieces. When Braydon Goodner was asked his fa- vorite part of the trip he said “The metal place (T.M.C.O.)”. The students even got to meet the internationally known printmaker Karen Kunc at Constellation Studios. When Mrs. Spring Concert and Art Show By: Marrisa Zentz The Litchfield Spring Concert was on April 12, where pre-k through 12 th grade performed wonderful pieces in Band, and Choir. When asked what type of songs will be performed at the concert, Mr. Hiebner had an- swered “Some folk songs, Broadway songs, gospel music, classical rock, movie music and some other multicultural songs.” When asked why he choose these songs, he had Varah was asked what her favorite part was she said “Working with the internationally known printmaker Karen Kunc making mono- prints, though my favorite, favorite part was hanging out with the students all day.” In con- clusion the group of students got to visit many amazing art places on their trip. ■ said “Mostly because the songs come from different genres of music, and that they are some pretty good selections.” Coordi- nating with the Spring Concert was the student Art show with many pieces made by pre-k through 12 students, they were displayed on the walls and on some tables. Some of the art pieces were ceramics, paint- ings, metal art, and mixed me- dia pieces among others. When asked what the kids been work- ing on and how much of it will be in the Art Show, Mrs. Varah said “This semester we have been learning about texture through clay. Every single elementary student completed a ceramic piece of artwork. These will all be in the spring show along with one of their two di- mensional pieces. The stu- dents get to choose their favorite piece from the year to have on display at the con- cert. It is always interesting to see what project they choose.” When asked what her favorite part of the Art show was Mrs. Varah had said “The art show is a great opportunity for students to show off their work. They do great work in class and espe- cially elementary students. They usually have a story to accom- pany their work. They have wonderful imaginations. I hope that parents and community members ask students which works are theirs and ask them questions about them.” Aside from all of the music and art there was an Usborne book fair fundraiser. At the concert many people looked at the books and even bought some. Half of all sales went to furnishing new books for our Litchfield school libraries. All in all the Spring Concert was a success. ■ 4