Small Town Times May Newsletter | Page 2

Small Town Times May 2018 Today, Jack Fread lives in Billings, Montana and has a family of two sons and a daughter. He graduated from Litchfield in 1958 at the age of 16. A high school love story fulfilled. Douglas Mills and Dianne Bacus both were in the class of 1961 and married each other in January 1962 and have remained together since. They cur- rently reside in Hastings, Nebraska. Douglas resided in the town of Litchfield as he studied high school, the town at the time he recalled, “was only 6 blocks big and that everyone knew each other and was related to each other somehow”. He stated that he went to school along with family and friends. School work was the same as today, but he got the chance to work with a manual typewriter as part of the curriculum. Everything else however, revolved around his highschool sweetheart, Dianne Bacus. Dianne resided on a farm four miles from Litchfield with her parents and a sister back during her high school years. She stated that “back then, the lower grades had to share rooms and there wasn’t any foreign languages available” and that “there wasn’t any rifle clubs, one-acts or speech”. So what did she do af- ter school? “He (Douglas) played sports while I kept score”. The cou- ple also did fundraisers for charities together and were in youth group together. After graduating, Douglas completed his military training. They married each other in Litchfield in January 1962 and moved to Salinas, Kansas for four years, before Douglas served three tours in the Air Force in Germany and the couple moved there for 12 years. They finally moved back and settled in their current home in Hastings, NE since 1983. The couple have three sons and one daughter.■ Hoops for Heart Raised $1,424.81 from 28 Students Top fundraisers in each class, who get to teach one day of P.E. are:  Hunter Sweely—Overall Top Earner  Jimmy F, Ava P. Gracie R., and Topanga B  Taryn Cole  Braxton Flethcer  3rd and 4th grade was the highest earning class 2