Small Town Times January2018 - Page 6

Superintendent’s Report DECEMBER 2017 Board Election Certification’s Received a Certification form from the County Clerk/Election Commissioner. We need to mark if there will be vacancies up for election in 2018. COOP Meeting We had a joint COOP meeting on December 1 st with Ansley (Mr. Mroczek, Mr. Loy, and Ms. Bailey) and Litchfield (Mr. Blauvelt, Mr. Holm, Mr. Wardyn and Mr. Finley). Topics discussed: 1) Fall Sports Review, 2) Busing, 3) Practices, and 4) Mr. Blauvelt as Activities Director for next year. Legislative Information from NCSA & NRCSA Information I attended the NCSA Legislative Preview Conference on December 6, 2017. Building and Grounds Maintenance Update Updating on some of the maintenance that have been going on or scheduled. -Tillotson Enterprises did some repair work around the vents on the blue building. Attached is the billing. -Cole Electric fixed some fans in the gym and added a light to the parking lot on the West side of the blue building. -Locker room doors have new handles. -Mark will be refinishing some handrails in the main building. -Gym floor. Where the practice volleyball standards go have been adjusted from them settling down below the playing floor. Jerry will be here over Christmas Break to work on loose tiles. This is falling under the extended warranty that we are getting by paying the final payment on the original contract. With the final payment for the gym floor we will need board approval to pay the final payment of $7000.00 out of the Depreciation Fund. Motion to pay Anderson Ladd their final payment of $7000.00 out of the Depreciation Fund. Negotiations Update The board will go into executive session. Superintendent Evaluation/Contract The board will go into executive session. Board of Education Self-Evaluations The board will go into executive session. Principal’s Report DECEMBER 2017 1. MAP Testing Elementary a. 20/20 Classes saw composite score growth b. 15/20 Classes increased percentile c. 14/20 Classes above 50 percentile d. Reading Street, Goal Setting 2. Professional Development 1/3 a. Looking at JH/HS MAP Data b. Problem Solving Committees meet 3. Custer County STEM Lab a. Learned a lot, will set up lab different next year 4. Report Cards will be mailed Friday 12/22 for Semester 5. Music Program 6. Elementary Science Olympiad 6