Small Town Times April Newsletter - Page 7

Small Town Times High Hopes for Track Season By: Siarah Willenberg and Nam Boonphakdee As we wrap up the winter sports season, we all know track comes next. The Ansley-Litchfield Spar- tan Track team is coached by Coach Franzen, Coach Tuma, Coach Hoblyn, Coach Moore, and Coach Schirmer. Franzen said “We want all of our athletes to give their full efforts and perform at their April 2018 highest level.” They also want them to perform well as a team, competing and winning medals in- dividually, and to be the team run- ning in the championships. “We want the athletes to continue to im- prove and have better performances throughout the year” said Fran- zen. We wish the Spartan Track team good luck as they compete this season!■ 7