Small Town Times 2-10 - Page 5

LITCHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION REGULAR MEETING APRIL 17, 2017 President Mitch Feldman called the regular meeting to order at 7:28 p.m. Members Present: Bill Howard, Marie Sweley, Jim Holm, Steve Heapy, Mitch Feldman, and Todd Wardyn came late. Visitors: Brian & Jeralynn Moser, Carissa Pierce, Matt Drew, Mark Hiebner, Lance Ellison and daughters, Pepper May, and Jerri Tuma. President Mitch Feldman announced and informed the public that a current copy of the Open Meetings Law is posted on the wall of the meeting room, and also indicated the instructions for those who wish to speak during the public forum. The minutes of the last meeting were read. Bill Howard made a motion to the minutes from the last meeting. Second by Steve Heapy. Motion carried 5-0. The treasurer reported a balance of $606,262.48 in the district treasury. Payroll and claims in the amount of $189,235.92 were presented for payment. Steve Heapy made a motion to pay the claims. Second by Marie Sweley. Motion carried 5-0. Wade Finley reported on finishing up NeSA testing, the Elementary staff has selected a new reading series, his attendance of the NRCSA Spring Conference, the Spring Music Programs coming up, recognition to the kitchen help for stepping up in Janice’s absence, elementary field trips coming up, elementary track meet in Ansley with no play day at Litchfield, Graduation and the senior’s last day, and then on the 20 th and 21 st , we have several staff members presenting at the annual NETA conference. In the Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Maline discussed elementary aide, Mark Hiebner- Music, Lance Ellison- 3 & 4 th grade, Pepper May for Science, Legislative update, markers for air craft over Litchfield football field, trap shoot building, long-range planning, co-op meeting, and considering classified staff salary raises. Todd Wardyn made a motion to recommend that the district hire Jerri Tuma as a teacher aide, Mark Hiebner for the music position, Lance Ellison for the 3-4 grade position, and Pepper May for the Science position for the 2017-18 school year. Second by Jim Holm. Motion carried 6-0. Bill Howard made a motion to recommend that the superintendent work with the village and the fire department to find the best and most cost effective method of placing markers on our light poles at the football field. Second by Todd Wardyn. Motion carried 6-0. Todd Wardyn led a discussion on if the Dads, Lads, and Lassies ever dissolve possibility of purchasing the trap shoot building for our r