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At Moody Insurance Agency , we believe that knowledge is power . The more educated you are about your risk and your insurance options , the better equipped you will be to protect yourself , your business and your employees . To that end , we offer exclusive educational opportunities and extensive training services for our clients and their employees through the Moody Insurance Academy . Get useful , easy-to-understand insurance and risk management education , tools and support so you can make informed decisions for your business .
Proactively providing insurance and risk management education , tools , and support so you can make informed decisions for your business .
THURSDAY , JANUARY 26TH COBRACare Update Presented by Mark Major , Law Office of Mark W . Major , P . C .
If your company offers or is considering a carryover benefit under a healthcare flexible spending account , you will want to understand how a terminated employee might qualify for a mandatory $ 500 health FSA for up to 18 months without any obligation to pay a COBRA premium . That is just one of the key developments under COBRA ’ s health coverage continuation requirements over the past year that our COBRA Update Program will explore .
TUESDAY , MARCH 7TH Riskbusters : Insurance & Bonding Issues in Construction Presented by Michelle Berger , Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher , LLP
While there are a variety of ways to avoid risk on a construction project , including selecting the appropriate project delivery / contracting method ; understanding and enforcing contracts and agreements ; and using effective processes for making changes to contracts and resolving disputes , what happens and “ Who ya gonna call ” when you can ’ t avoid risk ?
This program provides an overview of various types of insurance policies and bonds typically required on or available for construction projects and how these products help Owners , Developers , General Contractors and Subcontractors “ bust that risk .”
THURSDAY , MAY 11TH : When Insurance Companies Deny Construction Defect Claims – Mini Mock Trials Moderators : Kerry L . Kester , Attorney at Law ; Kory D . George , Attorney at Law , Jim Hensley , Claims Practice Leader
Construction defect actions in Colorado can often result in partial / full insurance coverage denials and subsequent litigation that can prompt a policyholder to ask the question : “ Why do I purchase general liability insurance ?” This seminar will provide insurance buyers with a deeper understanding of general liability insurance coverage and the coverage issues that arise from such defect actions . With the guidance of the moderators , participants actively participate in three mini mock trials based upon actual Colorado case law . Active immersion in the debate process and subsequent discussion of the actual court decisions allow participants a better understanding of coverage issues they may potentially face in construction defect action .
THURSDAY , MAY 18TH Open Forum on Marijuana in the Workplace . Presented by Don Aberbook & Richard Wilkinson , Moody Insurance Agency
In today ’ s world , employers are experiencing some challenging changes in how they may need to address Marijuana use in the workplace . Currently , Colorado is one of nine states that have enacted medical and recreational marijuana laws that have many employers confused on exactly what they need to do and how they need to address potential on the job impairment issues with Marijuana usage .
TUESDAY , AUGUST 15TH The Current State of HealthCare Reform Presented by Moody Insurance Agency
A general overview of Health Care Reform . What ’ s changing …. What ’ s staying the same and how to plan for what ’ s ahead .
THURSDAY , OCTOBER 5TH An Introduction to Certificates Presented by Erin Threlkeld , Moody Insurance Agency
Have you ever wondered what all those squares , boxes , check marks and special wording means ? In this seminar we discuss the basics of understanding certificates of insurance .
TUESDAY , DECEMBER 7TH Experience Modifiers Presented by Moody Insurance Agency
EMR ? Experience Mod Rating ? Experience Modification Factor ? Whatever you call it , this is a very important number for your business . Using mock loss runs , we go in depth into how an experience mod is calculated , to take the mystery out of this rating factor .