Risk & Business Magazine Hardenbergh Magazine Fall 2019 - Page 4

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT M alamut & Associates, LLC is a full-service law firm located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Since its founding in 2001, the firm has had a clear mission to offer both individuals and businesses a high- quality, expert, and client-friendly legal experience. Adam Malamut and the firm have built a stellar reputation representing clients in a variety of legal matters. Over the years, Malamut & Associates, LLC has also experienced significant growth, continuing to add attorneys specializing in Government & Regulatory Affairs, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Family Law, Municipal Law, Land Use, Crisis Management and many other areas of practice. In that time, the firm has expanded its New Jersey offices to include Princeton and Hoboken and has grown its practice to comprise over 20 experienced attorneys practicing in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. 4 CLIENT SPOTLIGHT Steady growth for a law firm is always a challenge. Mr. Malamut and his team have eased that burden by emphasizing a client-centered service model. From municipal governments to injured individual plaintiffs, every client deserves top representation, and Mr. Malamut knows clients have a choice when it comes to selecting counsel. Choosing Malamut & Associates, LLC gives the attorneys of the firm an opportunity to exceed expectations, build long-term relationships and bring in more members of the “Malamut Family.” This approach has extended into relationships with other businesses as well. For example, Mr. Malamut has known and been friends with Chris Powell at Hardenbergh Insurance Group for more than 25 years. This personal relationship between Adam and Chris is certainly a part of what makes their business relationship fruitful. From humble beginnings simply focusing on annual reviews, HIG now assists the firm with normal risk management issues and extending into general and professional liability, cyber insurance, EPLI and many other areas. By putting the client first, Malamut & Associates, LLC has been able to offer top legal assistance where clients feel heard and respected. As a founding principle, this has allowed the firm to continue to grow across the state of New Jersey with both clients and trusted advisors like HIG. The Malamut & Associates team all know that good things happen when you treat people the right way and work to the best of your ability. For more information about Malamut & Associates, LLC, you can visit them online at malamutlaw.com or contact Rich Carlson at 856-424-1808 or rich@ malamutlaw.com. +