RHG Magazine March 2022 | Page 37

Meet Meg Mindell, LCSW, C-ASWCM and

Camilla Taft Hicks, MPH

~Share something you are passionate about:

Meg is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those who are aging, chronically ill or terminally ill.  In addition, she has a calling in working with caregivers & families and helping them navigate a very difficult and overwhelming journey. Camilla was inspired by her aunt Martha Henderson’s commitment to helping people have a “good death.” Every chance she gets, she shares stories of

committed to sharing the wisdom of this book which was left to her by her aunt as a legacy of her career as a geriatric nurse practitioner and theologian.


I am passionate about watching others radically transform areas of their life they never thought possible. I absolutely love seeing others shift into manifesting their new life and learning they are responsible for what they create.

~What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward in the world?

By becoming a Reiki Master and Yoga teacher I have helped my clients find inner peace.

~Describe something our readers today can look forward to discovering in your book, Shine Baby Shine It’s NOW or Never:

The reader will discover that each of us are here to walk our own path and discover that we all have our personal struggles. And loving who you are and accepting all of you, life will unfold. Living in the NOW can happen.

~What are 1-3 tips you can give our reader today to help them step forward in their life powerfully?

1. Write on your mirror three words that are positive and describes your soul.

2. Meditate daily

3. Get out into nature and breathe.

~Will you share a client success story? While teaching a yoga class on opening up the heart chakra. One of the ladies started crying, as I went and handed her a tissue she smiled at me through her wet eyes and said, “Thank You. It has been months since I felt any love for myself. You just helped open me up so I can see clearly again.”

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE? Promise yourself today you will release all labels you have allowed others, your environment, or religious believes that have been attached to you and look deep inside your soul and create your new truths. Make a promise to yourself you will never divorce yourself again.

~Any final thought, share, or idea that you would like to share with our readers today? Final thought: be kind to yourself, be authentic, always remember you are love, your are divine and you are enough. You are PERFECT!

Meg Mindell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working with individuals who are disabled, chronically ill or terminally ill for over 24 years. Meg has facilitated Caregiver Support Groups and has become a passionate advocate for those caring for a loved one.  Martha Henderson was geriatric nurse practioner and doctor of divinity, shares knowledge and guidance drawing on her 50 years of experience in nursing and spiritual care. Camilla honored her Aunt Martha's wideom and expertise as she saw the book to fruition along with Meg. Read on to lear more about this touching collaboration...

loved ones who have died a good death.  As a public health practitioner, she is committed to sharing the wisdom of this book which was left to her by her aunt as a legacy of her career as a geriatric nurse practitioner and theologian. 

~What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward in the world?

Meg is focused on helping provide individuals with the best quality of life as possible as they age in place.  As described in the book and in her own practice, every individual can embrace aging with respect, dignity, and love. Meg walks the aging journey with clients to find them the services they need, whether it’s hospice, medical provider appointments, weekly visits, even a snow plow.  She works to prevent re-hospitalizations, often helping people age in place. She participates in funerals. She works from the heart to honor the wishes of her clients – if someone doesn’t want to go to a nursing home or doesn’t want to die in the hospital, those are the things she makes happen. 

ur are divine and you are enough. You are PERFECT!

These two dynamic women collaborated to bring forth a beutiful book about life co-authored by Camilla's Aunt Martha who had passed away. Meg’s mission and vocation is working with older adults and advocating for them as they age in place. She feels it is an honor to walk the journey alongside each client during such a vulnerable and sacred time within their life. She has co-authored this book with Martha Henderson to share meaningful information and personal stories that provide wisdom for aging well.   

Martha Henderson