RHG Magazine March 2022 | Page 38

1. Aging well is dependent upon what we do now  

2. You can step into your power and begin to create your plan for your aging years, which will provide peace of mind.   

3. Be brave and courageous, and discuss all your wishes with loved ones   Many of us have realized that Life is a true GIFT each and every moment.


~Will you share a client success story? 

   I remember working an older man, and we were talking about “heroes” within our lives.  He shared that his son was definitely his Hero. Towards the end of my visit, his son arrived for a visit.  I asked, “Do you want to share with your son what you just shared with me?”   He stated, “We were talking about who is our hero within our life, and you are my hero.”   The son started to sob--- it was such a beautiful moment of love and grace. Death can be complicated. In the book, Martha tells the story of her father’s (Camilla’s grandfather’s) funeral.  There was a family debate about whether her mother, in advanced-stage Alzheimers,

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~ Describe something your readers today can look forward to discovering in your book, The Gift of Life: Aging Well, Aging Smart & Wisdom for the Journey:

Readers will discover the importance of planning their aging journey and reflecting on their desires and wishes. Aging is an immense and rich time to go within and see what is surfacing and what is drifting away or no longer needed within our lives.   Also, readers will gain a better understanding of navigating the complex healthcare system after a hospitalization, rehabilitation, surgery, home care, etc.   

~What are 1-3 tips you can give our reader today to help them step forward in their life powerfully? 

would attend.  Martha thought it was important for closure, but her brother and sister felt that she would never want to be in that setting if she could make up her own mind.  An agreement was reached with the help of a counselor from the office on aging – the mother would attend a pre-service and then be taken to a different part of the church where she would not disturb the funeral. This was a perfect compromise in which all the parties got what they needed and desired. 


~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE? 

Take a moment to notice what brings your joy and fills your spirit up.  Who do you enjoy being with?   What activities do you enjoy the most? Our culture focuses on “doing” and “accomplishing.”  As we age with grace, it is an opportunity to just “be” and take a moment to sip a cup of tea & watch a sunrise.