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uture Senior Kato EN, IWF Technical Committee Usually, certain percentage of athletes are withdrawn at Verification of Final Entry. Some athletes also become ineligible due to whereabouts failure. However, it is an important Olympic Qualification Event for Tokyo 2020 and sole Gold Level Event for senior athletes during the 2nd period for 4 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and Pan America). Therefore, reduction from the entry list may not be so large. Draft timetable for 2019 WWC published after the final entry deadline was over Since the 21st century began, this is the 2nd time for the IWF to study this issue. In 2014 a special working group was made. Alongside Dr. Aján, Mr. Attila Ádámfi and Ms. Aniko Mőra, Mr. Sam Coffa (Technical Committee Chairman at that time), Mr. Nicu Vlad, Ms. Moira Lassen and myself from Technical side, and Dr. Kyle Pierce and Mr. Lyn Jones from Coaching and Research side joined the meeting to make a package of proposal to the Executive Board which was approved in June 2014. The significant suggestion of the Working Group was introduction of Minimum Entry Total for senior WWC and it was well approved by the IWF Executive Board. Minimum Entry Total is calculated by using average result of the winner in each category of the last 3 WWCs (for 2019 WWC only the results of 2018 WWC are used) – 65% of the average in women and 75% of the average in men are used as Minimum Entry Totals 8