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In 2014, these percentages were considered a little low and would not eliminate lifters much. One of the reasons why the Working Group selected these percentages was not to reduce the number of participating MFs too much for development purpose. Today, these percentages are not working well. Too high number of WWC participants causes problems such as; • • • • • • • • 11 9 Causing difficulty to schedule TV program Causing difficulty for many athletes to expect exactly on which day to compete because the competition day depends on the group (A, B, C, D…) of that bodyweight category Causing difficulty therefore to adjust peak performance Spending more MFs’ budget to be ready for possible competing earlier day (at lower groups) Spending more local organizing committee’s budget if the accommodation and entry fee regulated cannot cover their actual expenses Causing difficulty therefore to provide same condition to all athletes Causing difficulty for many Technical Officials to leave his/her office/home Threatening athletes’ health for ones who starts their weigh-in at 6 am Threatening coaches’ health – some of their athletes may compete midnight and the other may do next early morning Threatening local organizing committee members’ health