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A Study Introduction Championships On 6 July 2019, all IWF Technical Committee Members received an email from its Chairman Mr. Nicu Vlad, there he passed a message from the IWF President Dr. Tamás Aján to Mr. Vlad, also inviting IWF Techncial Committee to consider future World Weightlifting Championships. for F Reiko K CHINE ... I am contacting you regarding a special topic, which was discussed for the first time around 25 years ago at different levels and since that time came up a few times. Let me raise the issue of the length of the World Championships again, as it is more actual than ever. As we have ten female and ten male bodyweight categories and normally four World Championships per year (Youth, Junior, Senior and University) to attend all takes a long time and puts extra pressure on the Member Federations and the sport leaders. Due to the lack of time and resources, many of them have no chance to participate in all the World Championships or just for a few days. The situation is even more difficult in terms of media and TV broadcasting, it is a big challenge to maintain the interest for such a long time. I understand that it is not easy to shorten the competitions, we need to effect serious changes accordingly what can be reached with restructuring the current order of the competition or touching the qualification, etc. At least we have to start to think about the possible solutions. We are currently considering different possibilities, strategies, and its consequences but at the same time I wish to invite you and your Committee members that if you have any proposals to contribute to this issue, please submit them before 31st August 2019. The request of Dr. Aján was made on 18 June 2019 – immediately after the entry deadline for 2019 (Senior) World Weightlifting Championships (WWC) was over. Today (18 August 2019) we can see the draft schedule of 2019 WWC which was uploaded on 8 July. Athletes have been divided into 33 groups in women and 36 groups in men – 65 sessions are scheduled with 2 female and 2 male combined sessions. Among 10 competition days, only 1 days has 5 sessions, 2 days have 6 sessions, but 7 days have 7 sessions, starting from 8 am and last sessions starting from 22:30. It means Weigh-in starts at 6 am (according to IWF TCRR, relevant Technical Officials must arrive at the Competition Venue by 5:30!!) and the last competition might be completed midnight or after. Some Technical Officials such as Jury are divided into only 2 groups – it means, they must officiate 9 or 10 hours almost every competition day. 7