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THE ISSUE : THE COMPETITION HOST SELECTION PROCEDURE Identified challenges • The process to select a host city for the IWF events is currently political. Provided that a bidder is in good favor with many IWF Executive Board Members, there’s not enough attention to the technical side of the bid. • That leads to decisions that are not financially ideal or that do not fully attend IWF’s interest. • Hosts are not necessarily technically qualified to organize an IWF event. The level of understanding of the sport varies greatly between hosts. On occasions, hosts are not financially qualified to host an event. • The IWF Secretariat is often putting out fires and having to deal with issues that should have been dealt locally. Proposed solution • To create a Competition Committee for the IWF with the people that actually run their competitions. The core group would have: One Events Manager, one Production Manager, one Webcasting manager and one Sponsorship manager. • The Committee would take over all parts of the process: • Attending international congresses to select a host city based on the bid; • Negotiating directly with the host city/hotels; • Involving the member Federation of the city in the process; • Dealing with sport presentation, look of the event and sponsors activations/visibility. That would give the IWF events a much-needed consistency while it would give potential sponsors a guarantee that their brand is going to be exposed as contracted. • Dealing with the show set-up, diagrams, the venue operations and the tear down. The member federation would basically provide volunteers and people. • The Executive Board would still have the final say whenever a bid is presented, vote being ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. The proposal would not make it to the EB without the member federation approval.   17