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• The ‘A Sessions’ will have 10 athletes whenever possible. This gives the teams and the TV schedule some consistency on what to expect. • With two sessions running at the same time, we should expect to have a bigger audience to the event and increase our ticket sales as well. There is more action happening the whole time and the spectators will appreciate the virtual end of empty moments. • The new proposal has 5 TV production days, whereas the old schedule had 9 TV production days. That’s roughly $115.000,00 (23%) on savings, according to our broadcasting partner Lagardere. • The number of technical officials would have to be increased roughly in 50%. On the other hand, the amount of hotel rooms is reduced by the same amount. Alternatively, the jury system could be replaced by a singular experienced and senior referee with a detailed replay ability similar to FIFA. Similarly, developing the electronic change of call could eliminate the need for a high volume of Marshalls potentially netting down to the same number of officials. • Venues will need to be rented for a shorter period. That also means big savings for the host member federation. • This proposal also includes the Committee and Executive Board meetings happening DURING the competition with the goal of reducing total days of travel for sports leaders. We must remember that the world championship is only one of the many events our Executive Board and Secretariat attend for one year. • The Verification of Final Entries meeting can occur electronically one week before competition allowing efficient creation of the final start book and less issues with delayed flights, and if necessary, any competition changes. We have adjusted this domestically in the USA to be online 48 hours before competition and it has been very effective. THE ISSUE: JUNIOR AND COMPETITION YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS Identified challenges • The new Olympic Games qualification system, although great from many perspectives, vastly reduced the number of participants at the Youth and Junior World Championships. In addition, federations are challenged to send more athletes to more competitions creating both time and financial challenges. • The participants in both events are in a similar age range. • When put as a stand-alone event, there’s not a lot of interest from the media on a Junior OR a Youth competition. Proposed solution • To combine Youth Worlds with Junior Worlds in a singular event that will have roughly 600 athletes. • This would eliminate one travel from the team calendars, meaning costs savings for the member federations that now need to focus on the many competitions they need to attend due to the new qualification system. • The competition length issue could also be addressed by adding an extra platform for the event. • For the event organizers the cost to host an event to 200 athletes or 600 athletes is mostly the same whereas with 600 athletes there’s a chance that the host will recoup some of the costs. • We believe that a combined Youth and Junior event will bring more interest from external media making it easier to promote our sport. 16