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E) Olympic Qualification – increasing Gold Level Event I reviewed why so many athletes were entered in 2019 WWC. The highest reason is considered, as I mentioned above, that 2019 WWC is only one Gold Level Event during the 2nd period for senior athletes towards Tokyo 2020. For the 1st period, except Oceania, there were 2 options for senior athletes to compete at Gold Event, i.e., 2018 WWC and African / Asian / European / Pan American Championships. During the 2nd period, only Oceania athletes can compete twice at their continental championships and 2019 WWC. For the same reason, there will be numerous athletes competing at each of 5 Continental Championships. In future, not to double or triple the number of athletes in one event, at least one, preferably two, IWF Grand Prix per period should be held and categorized as Gold Level Event. 2. Option B F) Strategy summary G) Merits and demerits In the option B, I recommend using multiple platforms for senior WWC. There are merits and demerits in using multiple platforms. Merits: Ten bodyweight categories can be kept Keeping large number of athletes, competition days can be much reduced No WWC Qualification Event is needed No ranking list for WWC participation is needed (consequent problem may exist in finalization of ranking due to doping cases) Demerits: Cost for large space which can accommodate 2 or more competition stages and warm-up areas will be increased Cost for sport equipment for FOP (competition stages and warm-up areas) will be increased Cost for technology and information system will be increased Cost for Technical Officials will be increased H) Event schedule models – using 3 platforms Below the model event schedule for WWC using 3 platforms: This model consists of Women 45kg and Men 55kg categories, Group A, B, C and D for all bodyweight categories, and uses only 1 competition platform for all Group A sessions considering preparation for TV broadcasting. For 2019 WWC, some bodyweight categories need Group E session but in average 4 groups per category are considered to be enough to accommodate all athletes. By using 3 platforms, we can complete 80 sessions in 5 competition days with even better start and end time. Although many bodyweight categories are split into groups on different days but never to 3 days as such seen in 2019 WWC schedule. However, if we limit only one platform for Group A session, there will be maximum 5 Group A sessions per day which might not be preferred by TV companies. Even 2 platforms will be televised, broadcasters may not only weightlifting to be on air from morning to evening for 5 days. 13