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If we apply these numbers, we can draft the event schedule such as; (Two hours for the session with 10 athletes and 2.5 hours for the sessions with 13 or 14 athletes are taken). Through this option, we can reduce 2 competition days with normal start and end time. Group A sessions are limited to 2 or 3 sessions per day which is considered to be preferred by TV companies. Now, questions might arise if different athletic population should take into consideration and if above total number should be adjusted by bodyweight categories. Women 59kg and 64kg, Men 73kg and 81kg are the categories having more population. However, by eliminating Women 45kg and Men 55 categories, participating number might be shifted to heavier ones and result balanced entry at the end because the number of two heaviest categories in each gender also have larger athletic populations. Or, shall the number of athletes in heavier two categories be reduced to allocate more for middle weight categories? I don’t think we need to adjust the number of athletes because in any way they are competing for being a champion or medalists. D) Establishing Qualification Events for Senior WWC If we maximize number of athletes in each bodyweight category for senior WWC, we will need Qualification Events for senior WWC. Ranking lists for WWC, then, should be created 6 months before the competition considering doping control results and Whereabouts rule which applies 3 months rule for the entry of WWC itself. My suggestion for WWC Qualification Events are; • Continental / Regional Games (if categorized as Silver Event) • Junior WWC • Youth WWC • University WWC • Continental Championships (Sr. Jr. Youth) • Regional Championships (Sr. Jr. Youth) • IWF Grand Prix • NOTE: In case of Tie, lifted earlier becomes higher in the ranking If the tied results are established in the same event, ranking in the relevant event will be referred This strategy will stimulate participation for the IWF Events other than senior WWC and may provide be- tter marketing opportunities. Also, it might be more practical and reasonable in terms of budgeting by Government for small / developing MFs than travelling to WWC host nations sometimes far many MFs. 12