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Obviously the numbers in Women 45kg and Men 55kg are small. The tables below show groups (A, B, C, D and E) scheduled and applied in 2018 WWC. After Verification of Final Entry, groups colored blue were added and colored yellow were cancelled. Both Women 45kg and Men 55kg cancelled one groups respectively; When the IWF introduced 10 bodyweight categories, Olympic categories can be flexible and can be chosen considering such as location of the host city, i.e., shifting to lighter bodyweight categories for Asian host cities or to heavier for European and/or American host cities. However, 7 bodyweights categories for Tokyo 2020 starts from Women 49kg and Men 61kg. Lighter categories are considered to be applied most in Asia, but Women 45kg and Men 55kg were not selected. If not in Asia, how those two bodyweight categories will be selected for Paris 2024 or LA 2028? C) Maximizing 30 athletes per bodyweight category at Senior WWC In this option, I planned maximum 30 athletes per bodyweight categories for each bodyweight category for senior WWC. The reasons for doing so are; • Senior WWC is the second prestigious event after Olympics • Therefore, only high leveled athletes should compete at senior WWC • If we apply more athletes, more competition days will be needed • If competition period is longer, less Technical Officials are available to officiate • Losing number of participating nations would be its negative point though. Assuming Women 45kg and Men 55kg categories are eliminated, I made below competition model for this option; Numbers of athletes in each group are roughly; 11