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You May Not Know About

It is not a little-known fact that African American inventors and their contributions in various areas have greatly impacted the world ; however , many people are unaware of just how influential some of these inventions have been in society . The following compilation only scratches the surface of the achievements of black inventors .
Benjamin Banneker
His inventive spirit would lead him to be called the " first African American inventor ." Banneker invented the first Farmers ' Almanac , among other accomplishments .
Andrew Jackson Beard
On November 27 , 1897 , Beard received a patent for a device he called the " Jenny Coupler ." It did the dangerous job of hooking railroad cars together ,
Miriam E . Benjamin
Benjamin was the second black woman to receive a patent . Her patent was for an invention called the " Gong and Signal Chair for Hotels ." Her invention allowed hotel customer to summon a waiter from the comfort of their chair . A button on the chair would buzz the waiters ' station and a light on the chair would let the wait staff know who wanted service . Miriam Benjamin ' s invention was adapted and used in the United States House of Representatives .
Bessie Blount
Bessie Blount , was a physical therapist who worked with soldiers injured in W . W . II . Bessie Blount ' s war service inspired her to patent a device in 1951 that allowed amputees to feed themselves .
Sarah Boone
The ironing board was invented by African-American Sarah Boone in 1887 .
Otis Boykin
Boykin invented the ' Electrical Resistor ' used in computers , radios , television sets and a variety of electronic devices . The resistor helped reduce the cost of those products .
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Charles Brooks
C . B . Brooks invented the first street sweeper truck and was issued a patent on March 17 , 1896 . His truck had revolving brushes attached to the front fender and the brushes were interchangeable with scrapers that could be used in winter for snow removal .
Henry Brown
Brown patented a ' receptacle for storing and preserving papers on November 2 , 1886 , which developed into what is now known as the bank safety deposit box
George Washington Carver
Carver invented peanut butter , adhesives , bleach , chili sauce , ink , instant coffee , linoleum , mayonnaise , paper , plastic , pavement , shaving cream , talcum powder and more .
George Carruthers
Carruthers was the inventor of the far-ultraviolet camera and the spectrograph .
Emmett W . Chappelle
Chappelle was a biochemist , photobiologist , astrochemist and inventor . He developed techniques that are still widely used for the detection of bacteria in urine , blood , spinal fluids , drinking water and foods .
John B . Christian
John B . Christian invented and patented lubricants used in highflying aircraft and NASA space missions .
David Crosthwait
Crosthwait holds 39 patents for heating systems and temperature regulating devices . He is most well known for creating the heating system for New York City ' s famous Radio City Music Hall .
Mark Dean
Dean co-invented improvements in computer architecture that allowed IBM compatible PCs to use the same peripheral devices .