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Dr . Charles Richard Drew
Drew was the first person to develop the blood bank .
Philip Emeagwali
In 1989 , Emeagwali won the Gordon Bell Prize , considered the equivalent of the Nobel Prize , for developing the fastest supercomputer software in the world .
Meredith C . Gourdine
Gourdine was the inventor of electrogasdynarnics systems , a way to disperse fog and smoke . By applying strong electrical forces to either you can control those elements . Gourdine was responsible for the engineering technique termed Incineraid for aiding in the removal of smoke from buildings .
Lloyd Augustus Hall
Lloyd Hall is responsible for the meat curing products , seasonings , emulsions , bakery products , antioxidants , protein hydrolysates and many other products that keep our food fresh and flavorable .
Thomas L . Jennings
Thomas L . Jennings was the first African American to receive a patent , which was issued on March 3rd , 1821 . Thomas Jennings ' patent was for a dry-cleaning process called " dry scouring ".
Lonnie Johnson
Johnson invented the Super Soaker ® squirt gun . The Super Soaker ® was invented in 1988 under the original name of the " Power Drencher " and a whole new era of power water squirters began . Invented by Lonnie Johnson , an Aerospace Engineer from Los Angeles , California , the Power Drencher was the first water blaster to incorporate air pressure into its design . Three years later in 1991 when Johnson received his patent , the Power Drencher was renamed " Super Soaker " and a nationwide advertising campaign was launched .
Frederick Jones
Jones invented the first automatic refrigeration system for long-haul trucks .
Marjorie Stewart Joyner
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Joyner invented a permanent wave machine that would allow a hairdo to stay set for days .
Percy Lavon Julian
Julian synthesized the medicines physostigrnine for glaucoma and cortisone used for rheumatoid arthritis and he invented fire-extinguishing equipment .
Lewis Howard Latimer
Latimer invented the water closet for railroad cars , an electric lamp with an inexpensive carbon filament and a threaded wooden socket for light bulbs .
John Lee Love
The " Love Sharpener " was designed by John Lee Love . Love ' s invention is the very simple and portable pencil sharpener that many artists use today .
Jan Earnst Matzeliger
Matzeliger invented an automatic method for lasting shoes , which made the mass production of affordable shoes possible .
Elijah McCoy
McCoy is best known for having invented the automatic oil cup , a cup that fed lubricating oil to machine bearings through a small bore tube . Machinists and engineers who wanted genuine McCoy lubricators might have used the expression " the real McCoy ."
Garrett A . Morgan
Morgan invented the gas mask and the automatic traffic signal .
Norbert Rillieux
Norbert Rillieux inventing a sugar processing evaporator and an improved sugar refining process that safely saved time and money in the making of sugar from sugar beets or sugar cane .
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Madame C . J . Walker
Madame Walker was a St . Louis washerwoman turned entrepreneur , who in 1905 invented a method to soften and smooth African-American hair . She was the first known African-American woman to become a self-made millionaire .
Granville T . Woods
Woods invented improvements to electric railways , air brakes , telephones and telegraphs ; a chicken egg incubator and an apparatus for an amusement park ride .