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Sean Bradford Working To Build a Better Orlando Orlando , Florida Black History 2015
School Sean Bradford never knew that he would be a part of a dying age . It was the end of competitive sports in junior high school ; the end of an age when band directors and teachers had as much disciplinary authority as pa r ents . An age when competitive spo1ts and
extracun-icular activities were tun by iconic teache r s who believed in their students and strived to provide them with enriching experiences - teachers like Dr . Clara Walters , l\1r . Bradley , l\1r . James " Chief ' Wilson and Edna S . Hargrett .
During this same time , Bradford was growing up in the midst of local molpolitics . all very proud to have Pappy Kennedy as our voice . We had faith confidence in his leadership .
Orlando has changed a lot then - a lot for the better . We now have a Black Sheriff and at one time his wife was the Orlando Chief of Police . We have Blacks serving on the City Commission , Orange County Commission and the School Boa r d of summers campaigning with his dad . He attending countless meetings , canvassing neighborhoods , and working on his dad ' s behalf . Sean ' s father , Wardell Sims ran for State a Representative District 39 in 1982 . Sims was one of the first to campaign for said seat .
Then " Campaigns were tun with integrity ," recalls Bradford . " People worked hard to raise money and address the issues of the day ". Bradford recalls , when Arthur " Pappy " Kennedy was elected as the first Black
Our cun-ent leade r s are carrying the torch well . Yet , there is still a need for more Black leadership and Black political representation .
This is why Bradford ran for State Representative in 2012 . As a graduate of Jones High School , Bradford is an active community member . He has served as President of Southwest Orlando Jaycees and cun-ently serves as Vice Chairman of the Ttustee Board at Mt . Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church . He also se r ved as the Chair of Youth Ushers at Mt . Pleasant . He is the President of the Cent r al Florida Alumni Association of South Carolina State
University , for which he mentored and rectuited several students over the years . Bradford cun-ently serves as 2nd Vice Chairman of the Sons of AMVETS Post 30 and a Chairman of the Youth for the NAACP . Bradford served on the Board of Zoning Adjustment for the Board of County Commissioners for District 6 for Orange County and on the Boa r d of Ttustees for Bridge to Independence Private School .
Bradford is determined to make a difference here in Orlando . He was born and raised here and intends to do all he can to improve the lives of other city residents . He has benefitted from the fine leadership of men of integrity and passion such as his fathe r Wardell Sims and Orlando ' s first Black City Commissione r Arthur Pappy Kennedy and his fellow South Carolina State alumnus Kathleen Gordon .