Pro Stringer Issue 3 - 2017 rt 3 2017 | Page 11

11 New Products DUNLOP Stringing Machine Solid and with many technical innovations The new electronic stringing machine from DUNLOP has been upgraded. Diamond coated clamps and tensioning head minimizes slipping along with not damaging the strings. The microprocessor allows perfect stringing and minimum tension loss. The new touch pad allows easy use. Stringing for badminton, squash and tennis is easy with adapters for every possible racket. The adjustable stand is manual and easy to adjust with one person. The machines have been tested up to 14 hours a day at the BMW Open the last 4 years. The new upgraded machines were used for the first time in 2017. The wide body on the machine has two tool tables and is great at not having the strings catch any- where, which happens on most machines. The touch panel allows pounds and kilos, pre-stretch, 3 speeds, electronic brake, and which type of string being used. We tested the machine at the 2017 ERSA Sym- posium and afterwards in our offices for 10 days. The clamps hold well and the clamp bases hardly move. The machine is worth the money and the new upgrades on the latest model puts it in the same class as the GAMMA, Prince and Head machines. Dunlop has put a lot of thought into the machine since the first prototype came out and are always looking for ways to improve it. I can recommend it is worth taking a look at.