Pro Stringer Issue 3 - 2017 rt 3 2017 | Page 10

10 New Products GAMMA introduces the new BLAZE Overgrips in 3 flame designs (Fire. Inferno, Flame) and REPTILE SKIN Overgrips in 3 designs (Gator, Lizard and Snake). GAMMA SUPREME OVERGRIPS are now available in a 15 Tour Pack. Reverse Limited Edition Freshen your style with the Limited Editiion Rackets Blade and Burn. The cheeky look is available June, 2017. Some players started using these models at the Monte Carlo Masters. David Goffin plays the Reverse Blade in green Blade 98L Lime Green LE Blade 98 18x20 CV Lime Green LE Kei Nishikori plays the Reverse Burn LE in orange. Burn 100LS Orange LE Burn 100 CV Orange LE