Pro Installer August 2017 - Issue 53 | Page 3

AUGUST 2017 | 3 News Read online at TRADESPEOPLE ADD TO GROWING LANDFILL PROBLEM An overwhelming number of tradespeople are failing to recycle efficiently, according to new research. have a recycling scheme in place. While it’s encour- aging that councils have brought in strict recycling regulations for households in the UK, this is not being reflected in the workplace as so many British workers do not recycle. “There are often costs associated with recycling for businesses, but if employers feel passionate about the cause, they could take up with their HR department, or introduce a scheme whereby they share the responsibility among col- leagues.” The survey of 1,055 British adults carried out by found that 73% do not recycle their waste materials in their place of work, compared to 22% who do not at home. While almost two thirds (65%) claim they would make a conscious effort to recycle if their employ- er had an incentive, just 19% say they do recycle at work. 8% do not know whether their company has a recycling system in place. When quizzed on the waste management scheme at their place of work, more than half (53%) say they believe their company does not recycle due to inadequate recycling facili- ties in the area, while 29% believe it’s down to cost. Surprisingly, almost 1 in 5 (18%) of those surveyed say they do not recycle in the workplace because it falls outside of their remit. The data revealed those who work in trades are some of the least likely to recycle at work (19%). Mark Dunne, director and head of operations at commented: “It’s really quite shocking to see how few UK businesses Short-term repair for broken glass Bohle Emergency Repair Film has been developed to provide a fast and cost effective solution to damaged or broken glass. When glass breaks in location, in transit and on the factory floor, it has the potential to cause seri- ous injury such as severe cuts, es- pecially if it’s handled incorrectly. Legislation governing the han- dling of broken glass is covered as part of wider guidance under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This also includes a direct refer- ence to broken glass, its clean up and repair, placing a responsibility on employers and building man- agement to take precautions to minimise the risk of injury to staff and to members of the public. Bohle Emergency Repair Film has been specially developed to provide a short-term repair to Trade Skips offers a large range of tailored waste management solutions for a multitude of different sectors and business sizes. For more information visit The UK’s least green industries: 1. Financial services (e.g. banking, insurance etc.) – 13% 2. Information and communications – 14% 3. Manufacturing – 16% 4. Transportation – 17% 5. Education – 18% 6. Professional services (e.g. law, accountancy etc.) – 19% 7. Retail – 19% 8. Trades (e.g. construction, plumbing etc.) – 19% 9. Utilities – 20% 10. Leisure and travel (e.g. restaurants, parks etc.) – 21% Checkatrade joins forces with Caterpillar Consumer champion Check- broken window glass, doors, parti- tioning and glass mirrors. It uses a semi-rigid extremely tough polyester film combined with a high-performance sol- vent-free acrylic adhesive to per- manently bond the glass. Applied without the use of specialist tools, the adhesive side is lined with glassine coated paper and a printed grid pattern on the outer side to help cut the film to size. Delivering one third of the tensile strength of steel, full weather sealing and 85% light transmission, it’s ideal for tempo- rary repairs stabilising and making broken glass safe. [email protected] atrade is set to provide even greater benefits to its members by partnering with construction giant, Caterpillar. Members already receive a range of benefits su ch as inclusion in the Checkatrade search feature which has the potential to put a mem- ber’s details before thousands of homeowners looking for a reliable tradesperson in their area. To become a member of Check- atrade and join over 25,000 of the UK’s best tradespeople who have already signed up, potential mem- bers must undergo a thorough background check and commit to, and uphold, the ‘Checkatrade Standard’. The standard outlines the ser- vice customers can expect from Checkatrade recommended trades- people, including being courteous, keeping appointments and being honest in all dealings. Checkatrade members receive 30% off products at www.shopcat- and the Shop Cat- erpillar range includes water-re- sistant jackets, safety footwear, heavy knit gloves and utility lights, perfect for hard to reach places. Visitors to the site will also find a sign-up form to learn more about Checkatrade membership.