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Car salespeople came in at 16 %, followed by journalists ( 18 %), estate agents ( 22 %) and bankers ( 33 %). Occupying the middle of the table for total UK homeowners were recruitment consultants ( 34 %) and builders ( 43 %).
When it comes to bad press , the phrase ‘ cowboy builder ’ goes a long way in tarnishing the perception of these tradesmen and the trust they receive from homeowners . Botched building work , home improvement horror stories
and an overall unease when it comes to hiring a builder all work against their reputation . Renovation projects that require a builder often involve a big investment from the homeowners .
Plentific aims to reassure the customer by providing the Plentific Guarantee and ensuring pros selected for the job are verified with all the necessary credentials and insurance needed . This all works to put the homeowner at ease when hiring a builder . Stephen Jury , spokesperson for Plentific , commented : “ It ’ s fantastic to see tradesmen listed so highly in the trusted professionals list . With homes being an important financial asset for most , you should have trust in a professional you hire to improve or repair your home . However , the figures show a significant difference in trust when it comes to fixing up homes , compared to estate agents who are tasked with selling them .

the phrase ‘ cowboy builder ’ goes a long way in tarnishing the perception of these tradesmen

“ When you hire a tradesman , you want to be able to trust them . You want to feel safe in the knowledge that they ’ re verified , have the appropriate qualifications , positive reviews and the relevant insurance for the work they will carry out . All these things are what Plentific value , by giving homeowners details of who they are hiring and being protected by our guarantee .”


You can make the most of a conservatory ’ s performance and comfort through glass specification . The best installers know this , and help homeowners choose a conservatory that will perform long beyond the summer .
Phil Brown , Pilkington UK ’ s European regulatory marketing manager , offers these tips .
A conservatory is a popular feature in the modern home and with developments in both technology and design , homeowners are now able to enjoy the benefits of light-filled space , without having to suffer temperamental weather conditions .
The right combination of solar control , low-emissivity and self-cleaning glass can help ensure a conservatory is enjoyed all year round .
Here are some simple tips to help maximise the performance and comfort of a conservatory : 1 . Switching from polycarbonate to glass for a conservatory roof can transform its energy , light and noise properties . For example , polycarbonate roofs can make the conservatory noisy when it rains , whereas glass tends to dampen the sound .
2 . Location , location , location . Any glazing specification should be determined by the position of the conservatory and the microclimate of the area .
3 . For those in a sheltered or north-facing location , where it ’ s likely to be colder , a low emissivity double-glazed unit is the most appropriate solution . This will reduce the amount of
heat lost through the windows , while also allowing more heat from the sun in through the glass .
4 . Overheating in conservatories is one of the most common enquiries we receive . But , for those in a south-facing location , which will have more exposure to the sun , solar control glass can help prevent temperature build-up in the summer . It controls the amount of heat entering a space .
5 . In locations with high exposure to the sun , it may also be necessary to specify tinted glass . This can reject more of the sun ’ s energy than clear glass and comes in popular blue or bronze tints , for example Pilkington Activ™ Blue , which help to keep internal temperatures cooler while still maintaining low light reflection and high energy absorption .
6 . For those homeowners who do not desire a tinted window , particularly in conservatory side frames , Pilkington Suncool™ One 60 / 40 still provides excellent solar control and thermal insulation , combined with low internal reflection .
7 . A clear view ? Anti-condensation glass is ideal for vertical elements of the conservatory , where a build-up can occur .
8 . Ensuring safety . BS 5516 recommends using toughened or laminated glass for the lower pane of an insulating glass unit ( IGU ) in overhead glazing .
9 . However , if laminated glass is specified as lower pane of an IGU for a conservatory roof , it is recommended to carry out a thermal safety check first .
10 . Keeping up appearances . Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass is a high-quality , low-maintenance choice for replacement conservatory glazing that ensures clear views all-year round .
For more advice , visit pilkington @ respond . uk . com
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