PreFinished Program - Page 11

Can I schedule my order to be a Customer Pick Up? Q A With our 20 bay loading dock and fully staffed shipping department, we are prepared to quickly handle vehicles of all sizes. If you would like to schedule your order to be a CPU, just indicate that to your broker. Will tags come with my order? Q A All Prefinished products are shipped with variety tags already included in the pot. What if I experience any problems with my order? What if I have a cultural or growing question regarding the plants I am receiving? Q A Complete customer satisfaction is our goal. If you do experience any problems with you order, please contact your broker immediately. Quality claims must be filed with the broker and reported to Lucas within 14 days of receipt of plants. Details of the claim should include the nature of the problem. Varieties impacted, pot sizes and quantity of plants affected should also be included. Pictures of the affected material should be included and/ or the sales rep should visit to verify the claim. Q A If you have a cultural or growing question do not hesitate to contact us either via phone 856-881-0234 or you can visit our website Does Lucas Greenhouses offer finished product? What if I want to order finished plants from Lucas Greenhouses... who do I contact? Q A Q A Yes, Lucas Greenhouses is the perfect source for high quality finished plants. We offer a full line of plants for every season, starting in the spring with many different types of hanging baskets, bedding flats, #4.5 pots, #6 pots, #8 terra pots and combination pots & planters. To get you through the heat of summer, we have created an excellent summer crop line. For fall, we produce beautiful asters, mums, cabbage, kale & pansies. For Christmas, we offer many sizes and varieties of poinsettias. We also offer tulips, hyacinths, daffodils & pansies for the Easter Season. All Finished Plant orders should be placed directly with Lucas Greenhouses. Contact us via phone 856- 881-0234, fax 856-881-2502, or visit us online at www. to place your order or find out additional information. If you would like to be placed on our weekly availability fax or email just give us a call or send us an email at [email protected] 10