PreFinished Program | Page 10

How do I find out pricing and place my Prefinished Spring order or my Prefinished Poinsettia order? Q A All Spring Prefinished and Poinsettia Prefinished orders must be placed through the broker network. Contact your favorite broker today for pricing and to place your order. How advanced will my Spring Prefinished plants be when I receive them? Q A All Spring Prefinished sizes and varieties are approximately 4 to 6 weeks from finish depending on pot size, growing conditions and desired finished size. Besides getting great quality plants, what are some of the benefits of bringing in Prefinished plants from Lucas Greenhouses? Q A The program is ideal for anyone who is tight on space or looking to save on time, labor and the ever volatile price of fuel by opening up their greenhouses later in the year. this also allows you to skip the early headaches of the crop. When should I have my Prefinished orders in to my broker? Q A The earlier you can place your order, the better we can help ensure the availability of what you want, when you want it. We suggest that Spring Prefinished orders reach us by early October and Prefinished Poinsettia orders reach us by late February to guarantee availability. Please also consider that your broker will need time to process the order before sending it to us as well. Check with your broker for more specic ordering dates. How do I find out what varieties you offer? Q A Your broker will have a complete listing of available varieties & sizes in our Spring Prefinished and Poinsettia Prefinished Programs. You can also obtain a copy of our variety listings on our website 9 How will my order ship? Q A The Lucas Greenhouse shipping team works hard to accommodate your delivery requests and needs. With our ever growing fleet of tractor trailers and straight trucks, we are ready to deliver what you need, when you need it. To make for a fast and efficient delivery, all our trucks are equipped with lift gates and all your plants are shipped on our convenient to unload carts. Our Prefinish plants can be delivered by grower truck or can be picked up at our greenhouse. Please, check with your broker for freight rates & minimums.