PreFinished Program | Page 12

The Lucas Greenhouse shipping team works hard to accommodate your delivery requests and needs. With our ever growing fleet of tractor trailers and straight trucks, we are ready to deliver what you need, when you need it. To make for a fast and efficient delivery all our trucks are equipped with lift gates and all your plants are shipped on our convenient to unload carts. Our Prefinish plants can be delivered by grower truck or can be picked up at our greenhouse. Please, check with your broker for freight rates & minimums. With our 20 bay loading dock and fully staffed shipping department, we are prepared to handle vehicles of all sizes, quickly. If you would like to schedule your order to be a CPU, just indicate that to your broker. All Prefinished products are shipped with variety tags already included in the pot. #4.5 Pots (12 pots per case) 28 cases per cart #8 Hanging Baskets 108 per cart #8 Terra Pots 102 per cart #10 Hanging Baskets 60 per cart #12 Hanging Baskets 48 per cart #12 Terra Pots 45 per cart #14 Terra Pots 16 per cart #14 Coco Baskets 20 per cart #4.5 Pot (1Plant Pinched) 366 per cart #6.5 Pot (1 Plant Pinched) 144 per cart #7.5 Pot (2 Plants Pinched) 100 per cart #8.5 Pot (3 Plants Pinched) 40 per cart #10 Pot ( 4 Plants Pinched) 30 per cart #10 Hanging Basket (3 pp) 50 per cart OUR STRAIGHT TRUCKS HOLD 20 CARTS. OUR TRAILERS HOLD 40 CARTS.