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Careers Whatever their aspirations beyond school, students receive one-to-one guidance and careers advice to help them make informed decisions which will serve them well for life. Our experienced and qualified careers advisor works with house staff to help students make informed choices about subjects, courses and careers. Starting in the Third Year we begin a structured careers programme to enable each student to reach their personal potential and offer advice and guidance to help them reach their individual career goals. The school hosts regular career talks to inspire and inform students about the various opportunities open to them. Specialist advice is available for applications to Oxbridge and competitive courses and for students planning to take a gap year or study abroad. The Careers department continues to support students after they leave school, with the Careers and Business Network offering lifelong advice to help members thrive in a highly competitive working world. It’s open to OPs, current and former parents and the wider school community. Whether members and older students are seeking advice, inspiration, potential business opportunities or shared experiences, they are invited to network and socialise at our regular meetings held around the country. 30