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SPIRIT OF POCK – OLD POCKLINGTONIANS The Old Pocklingtonian Association (OPA) provides former pupils with a lifelong link back to the school and is an active network stretching back through generations. OPs use the OPA to reconnect with their peers, forge professional links and to share careers advice. We hold regular events at school and at other locations throughout the country. Annual OP sports matches are a tremendous opportunity to catch up with schoolfriends, attracting many spectators as well as players. OPA membership lasts a lifetime. It continues the proud ‘Spirit of Pock’ – the positive mutual support and trust which is central to our ethos. Many former pupils continue our culture of giving back by offering careers advice and work experience to current pupils and fellow OPs. help them develop the skills and confidence to make decisions about their future. OPs are also welcome to join the school’s Careers and Business Network. Our regularly-updated website, email news bulletins, annual Old Pocklingtonian magazine and active social media groups also keep OPs in touch with school news and each other. Younger OPs can take advantage of our mentoring programme to 31