PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE BIG Fall fashion Issue | Page 72

Trust me, I’ve met the beautiful Maddy Jones (@plusjones) in real life and she’s just as pure and beautiful inside as I first viewed her online. And let’s not get started on Marla, not only is she a powerhouse, she’s funny and spunky and such a joy to be around. And my co star, Meara, once a stranger, now friend, has so much talent and wit and that makes her that much hotter! Yes, that girl IS a babe. But that’s what I’m saying... their inner beauty is what I fell in love with. Visibly beautiful internally as well as externally. What does winning this model search mean to you? Winning this model search means so much to me! I was in shock until I literally got off the plane headed BACK home. I was like, did that really just inspiration + style this industry; you have to be able to get 1000 rejections before you get an 9.16 Being published on THE Plus Model Magazine cover is huge!! I literally #plusmodelmag happen? I want to be a plus size model, of course... not just an aspiring one. subscribed to their magazine about 3 years ago. It’s the plus size fashion Bible. Duh! I have worked so hard within the last year. I’ve been told “no” plenty of times. I sometimes didn’t even get a response. That’s the thing with acceptance. This was my acceptance and boy, oh boy, is it a big one! We had such a great time with you and Meara at the welcome dinner with Marla Wynne and stylist, Steffany Allen as well as the next day at the photo shoot. What are the highlights of your weekend in NYC?