PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE BIG Fall fashion Issue | Page 71

Succeed in life and understand that body confidence changes your perception of life. My body journey was me getting curvier and curvier as I got older. My curves are pretty much everywhere. I grew up with slim friends but we participated in the same activities such as cheerleading, softball, matching band and high school sororities. We did everything together all the time and I’ve been blessed with great people who never saw me as “the fat friend” but saw me as I am: a goofy, loud, no filtered friend. The truth is, not everyone is as shallow as we think. You have to be a woman with more going for you than your looks. Have something that lures people into you internally. I think that’s why “body confidence” exists in the first place. Those women we admire online have lured us in with more than just their looks. That’s an added bonus.