PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE BIG Fall fashion Issue | Page 73

Are you kidding me?!? In normal girl talk, Marla Wynne stopped and asked “What’s a bae?” That was priceless. We taught her what a “bae” was in HER home while drinking wine with our shoes off! I was in New York City for the first time and it was for a fashion magazine shoot with a fashion designer, a fashion stylist and a fashion editor! I experienced the model treatment every single day, but the friendships that I made are the most important, I can’t lie. I was a bit nervous at first but the entire weekend was amazing! I’m still talking about it and posting pictures on my social media. I was able to sit face-to-face with the industry elites and get some amazing advice that I will cherish and incorporate in my journey as a plus model. Most notably when Maddy said, “Stay humble. You’re in for some amazing opportunities, just watch! But you girls will have to stay humble.” Follow Marjorie: Instagram @marj___bee | Snapchat @marjmadness Marjorie