Pasco-Hernando State College Volume XIV, Issue II Fall 2020 | Page 20

PATHWAYS IN THE ARTS IPAC and major events will be held there boosting the local economy along the I-75 corridor in Wesley Chapel. PHSC is collaborating with the Pasco County School District to host events at the IPAC and to begin students on their educational journey while still in high school, essentially pipelining students from middle/high school into their arts degree. The impact the IPAC is going to have on the lives of countless students will be limitless. As the new IPAC is getting ready to open, new pathways in the arts were developed to offer students academic tracks within the Associate in Arts degree. The four new focused pathways are theatre performance, dance performance, instrumental music and voice music. The curriculum for these programs has been developed and students will be able to take courses such as Theater Appreciation, Beginning Acting, Music Theory, Dance Appreciation and more. Students can begin these programs this fall and take general education required courses for the Associate in Arts degree, as well as some of the introductory pathway courses in the arts. IPAC construction progress in May of 2020. 18 PHSC