Pasco-Hernando State College Volume XIV, Issue II Fall 2020 | Page 21

STUDENT PROFILE Tiffany Wykle knows how to multi-task. As a mother to two daughters ages one and three, a full-time student, and a veteran, she is always busy. But it’s the most rewarding kind of busy. “Having a support system is important to do it all. Having at least one person to remind you why you’re getting up early, why you’re going to school. It makes a world of difference,” she says. Wykle has accomplished a lot for a 23-year-old. Her love of helping others began early in life and as a teenager, she found herself working as a certified nursing assistant. While many other teens were balancing high school with a part-time job, Wykle was balancing school with a job that tested her emotional strength. “I still remember being 17 and having to be there when the first patient I worked with passed away. You see the beginning and end of people’s lives. It’s important to be resilient.” That resiliency led her to a four-year commitment to the Marine Corps. She retired as a sergeant radio operator and then decided to return to college. Wykle credits her success to her supportive professors and her VA representative at Porter Campus. She said this opened the door for her to join many clubs and become an advocate for other veterans and working mothers. THE BALANCING ACT Nursing is not for everyone but I love the feeling of being there for others. She received her degree in human services and is now planning to begin her nursing degree in the fall of 2020. Her passion for nursing runs in the family. Her mother was a nurse and it inspired her. “Nursing is not for everyone but I love the feeling of being there for others.” When Wykle returned to the classroom, her anxiety came along with her. Something she has battled her whole life. But with the support of her VA representative and professors, she’s pushing back that barrier. “Dr. Davina Jones helped support me with my public speaking confidence and now every time I see a volunteer opportunity to empower and support other moms, I do.” She also gives back to her community, donating personal hygiene items to those who need them, and offering support to mothers struggling with breastfeeding, something she is very passionate about. Wykle is an excellent example of a young woman who has figured out how to balance motherhood, school, and being a servant leader in her community. She attributes some of that to PHSC, her college home. “The professors have impacted me in a professional and personal sense, and I love the atmosphere. If I need something on the veteran side, I know there will be someone to help me balance it all.” And balance it, she does. With grace and a smile. Tiffany Wykle in uniform. Tiffany and her family. FALL 2020 19