Pasco-Hernando State College Volume XIV, Issue II Fall 2020 | Page 19

PRESSION EASHED their dreams and bring them to life while engaging the community. The IPAC is an $18 million dollar state of the art facility. It is 36,000 square feet and will become the crown jewel of art instruction in our community. The IPAC opens in late 2020 and students will begin their academic journey there in January 2021. This beautiful facility offers a link for high school students entering college with plans to focus on art as a degree. The IPAC will offer courses in music (vocal and instrumental), dance, theater, and an Associate in Science degree in digital media and multimedia. The facility has classrooms, rehearsal space, and laboratories for each discipline. The IPAC also features a 444- seat theater for students to use and for regional theater performances to enhance the opportunities for the community to enjoy a performance here in Pasco County. Professional troupes will be able to use the Future Music Room in the IPAC. FALL 2020 17