Pacific Safety Training Calendar Jul-Dec 2016 volume 1 2017 - Page 14

Qualified Rigger and Signalperson This course is intended for workers who are working with equipment during lifting operations. Subjects to be covered include the components of rigging, rigging connections, inspection of rigging equipment, wire rope, slings, and hardware. The signalperson portion will include hand signals, voice communications, and basic crane operation. Upon successful completion of both practical and written exams, the student will receive a laminated wallet card stating that they have demonstrated the skills required by both federal OSHA and Cal/ OSHA. Contact hours: 8 | Dates: Jan 24 or Apr 20 | Investment: $180 Member / $225 Non-member Respirator Fit Testing Fit testing will be conducted utilizing the quantitative method. Pre-requisite: All participants must possess a current medical clearance, be clean-shaven and bring their respirator. Contact hours: 1 | Dates: Feb 24 or May 31 | Investment: $50 Member / $65 Non-member Respiratory Program Administrator HANDS ON This course is designed for personnel and employers who utilize respiratory protective equipment and are required to develop, manage and maintain a respiratory protection program, including employees designated as the employer’s respiratory protection program administrator. Course topics include: the Cal-OSHA and OSHA Respiratory Protection Standards; NIOSH testing and certification; respiratory protection programs; respirator limitations and capabilities; respirator selection, use, and care; particulate filters and chemical cartridges; and medical evaluation requirements. Regulatory citations: Cal-OSHA 8 CCR 5144, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 Contact hours: 8 | Dates: Feb 24 or May 31 | Investment: $150 Member / $180 Non-member Sologic Root Cause Analysis Analyst Level 1 - Facilitator Sologic instructors teach current and proven best practices in cause and effect analysis. Our team has extensive experience applying the Sologic method to tasks from major investigations to recurring and systemic problems, and positive, proactive analyses. Students benefit from studying our clients’ best practices and requests, encompassing a vast array of industries, disciplines, geographies and cultures. In this course you will apply Sologic’s state-of-the-art Root Cause Analysis method to real-world problems and receive