OJCL Torch Winter 2019 | Page 10

Amicitiae Latinae Connie Nelson, Summit Country Day When I first started Latin, I thought of it as just a language that would look good on my transcript. I didn’t realize how much more it is. Latin has helped me find who I truly am and who I want to become. But the biggest change in my life that Latin has made is all of the friendships that come with being a Latin student. Our Latin club goes to two major events throughout the year: State Convention and National Convention. Both consist of people from around the state, or at Nationals, around the country, getting together and sharing in the joys of Latin. At State Convention, you compete against other schools in Ohio, but at Nationals, you bond with your fellow Ohioans as you complete projects, take tests, and give speeches to try and show that our state is in fact, the best. For me, I made the most friendships at Nationals, where I had the time of my life with other Latin students from all over Ohio. And this year, thanks to the efforts of the OJCL board, I was fortunate enough to see them again at Fall Forum! Many people think that Latin is just a dead language, but it’s more - it’s a culture. It’s a community, filled with bright minds from all over, and every year, we bring those bright minds together to compete against each other, but also bond with one another to create friendships that will last a lifetime. And trust me, they do last.