OJCL Torch Winter 2019 | Page 9

NATIONAL RECAP What They Don't Tell You About National Convention Abby Almaguer, Summit Country Day Do as many projects as you can. If you have already taken a graphic arts project to OJCL convention, you can still take it to NJCL convention! Many people think you can’t take graphic arts projects to nationals, but because fewer JCLers take projects to nationals, you have a good chance of placing. Sometimes, you could place higher than you did at state convention. If you forget to sign up for ludi and olympika, there is a good chance they will still let you participate. The SCLers and sponsors are flexible. Don’t skip the 5k because you missed the registration like I did. Skip the 5k because it is a 5k at 7 am. If you do not make Ohio's certamen team at nationals, you can still play certamen! There is open certamen that anyone can join. It is a great opportunity to meet people from other states, and you get to play certamen. Agora, which is called Bazaar at state convention, is completely different at NJCL. They sell anything Latin related you could imagine. There are books ranging from dictionaries to Latin translations of your favorite novels to a fictional book about a certamen team’s effort to win at state convention. They have pins, clothes, flower crowns, stress balls, and even a KFC bucket signed by the national officers. Make sure you bring enough money to buy these treasures, and I suggest you volunteer at the Ohio booth. Don’t stay in your dorm room. If you don’t have anything to do or don’t know anyone yet, walk around. You might find a group of people from five different states to welcome you into their card game. You might get lost and find people playing twister or participating at a JCL trivia night. If not, there are other places to hang out. Troy had a great bookshop. Miami had an old-fashioned diner with amazing milkshakes. Most importantly, try new things, even if it is scary. Spirit may seem crazy to some people, but it can be super fun if you try . Try a ludi event you have never done before. Most of the people doing shot put and discus did not know how, but they still had fun. Take a test in something you know nothing about. Even if you haven’t taken Greek, you might place in the Greek derivatives test. DID YOU KNOW?