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Equipment: CamerasĀ  DSLR Canon and Nikon both have amazing options for the type of camera a historian needs, but it all comes down to whichever brand you prefer. There are other, just as good brands. Canon has the Rebel line and Nikon has the D3400 and the D5600. Both offer a lot of the same features. Ordering these cameras from their manufacturer is very pricey, and it is always a good idea to check stores like Amazon or Best Buy for cheaper deals. If ordering from Amazon, the Canon EOS Rebel t6 is around $450, and the Nikon D3400 is closer to $500. Point and Shoot Just like with DSLRs, the brand of camera matters to the buyer and that factors into whichever one you choose to buy. That being said, Canon and Sony both have cheaper and more expensive point and shoot options that are pretty great to choose from. Buying from Amazon, the Sony DSCW800 is only $88, which is a very big difference compared to the expensive DSLRs. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 on Amazon is closer to $120.